E-Bike - Rebate Program


Thanks to the passage of SB22-193, Colorado has created a statewide incentive program to provide low- and moderate-income Coloradans with a rebate to cover part of the cost of an e-bike bought from a participating bike shop.

The e-bike rebate cannot be used retroactively for previously purchased e-bikes. Interested individuals need to apply for the program prior to purchasing an e-bike.

To ensure all eligible Coloradans have an opportunity to apply for an e-bike rebate, there is a pre-application period open for one week each month, and then a set number of individuals will be randomly selected to receive the rebate when the pre-application period has closed. If randomly selected applicants will receive an email asking them to provide proof of their residence in Colorado and income qualification. Once an applicant's application has been approved, they will receive a rebate via email that they can redeem at a participating retailer for a discount at the time of e-bike purchase. 

The following incentive amounts are available by income tier and bike type. The equipment incentive may be used to cover the costs of a helmet and/or lock.

  • Low-Income
    • Standard e-bike $1,100
    • E-Cargo Bike $1,400
    • Adaptive e-Bike $1,350
    • Equipment Incentive $100
  • Moderate-Income
    • Standard e-Bike $500
    • E-Cargo Bike $800
    • Adaptive e-Bike $750
    • Equipment Incentive $100
Proper Income Group Identification:  If you are randomly selected you will be required to provide proof of income range.

Before you select the 'Pre-register' button please make sure you meet the income qualifications of the application type you select. There are two application types:
  • Low-income: applicant: gross income equal to or less than 80% of the area-median income (based on county)
  • Moderate-income applicant:  gross income equal to or less than to or less than 80.1-100% of the area-median income
You can find more details on the program at the Colorado Energy Office's website https://energyoffice.colorado.gov/ebike-rebates
Decide your E-Bike choice:  If you are randomly selected you will be locked into the E-Bike type you select, no changes are allowed. 
Before you select the 'Pre-register' button please determine the type of E-Bike you are interested in. You can review E-Bike options here: https://energyoffice.colorado.gov/ebike-rebates
It is important to note costs and desired features as you cannot switch rebate types later.  Costs can vary depending on options, with averages on standard E-Bikes from $600-$2,500; eCargo from $1,300-$5,000; and adaptive averages from $4,000-$10,000. Note that legislation around this program limits purchase price on standard E-Bikes to $5,000 and e-Cargo or Adaptive bikes to $8,500. 
Please research your options and program requirements FIRST!

Pre-Registration Start date: February 12, 2024 10:00 AM (MST)
Pre-Registration End date: February 18, 2024 04:00 PM (MST)

Start date: February 19, 2024 11:00 PM (MST)
End date: June 01, 2024 04:00 AM (MST)

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